A downloadable game for Windows

Redefine the essence of the world!

Use your magic tools to alter gravity in this innovative sandbox adventure!

In Primer you play as a robot with the ability to change the world around you through a magic force. Use your power to overcome obstacles and most importantly: have fun!

The current build is an early prototype, made for PLAY 2019 Hamburg.
Currently, there's no greater soundscape implemented. 
We're aiming to collect some opinions on the mechanics and the overall feeling of the game so far.
So please leave feedback to actually "redefine" the game!

If you'd like to see more progress you can follow us on twitter.
Thank you for playing!



PRIMER_V0.1.8 94 MB

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Please add Camera Y axis invert as an option, so I can enjoy your game. Thank you!

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Thanks for pointing it out, we've put it on our list and will add an invert option as soon as possible!


Hey! Played your game live at https://www.twitch.tv/naturalpowergames! I like the physics based concept. I couldn't read a word of the instructions but I figured out if I suck the life out of things, they gain some upward force? Or lose gravity. And if I push life into things, they gain gravity. SO I used that to climb with the stuff around the area! Pretty nice. I'm looking forward to a more complete version.

Thanks for the feedback! We switched the tutorial messages to english in the newest version :)